Here are some helpful hints to ensure you get the most out of your tree

  • If you are not able to fit your tree in the trunk and need to tie it to the top of your car, make sure to have the butt of your tree facing forward and the tip facing backward. This will help you not lose all the branches on the way home.
  • Make sure your tree gets a fresh cut so it will drink water and stay fresher longer. We do this for FREE at all of our lots! And at most of our locations we also bale the trees so you don’t break any branches getting it into the house.
  • Once you stand your tree make sure that the butt of your tree is always submerged in water. If it is left dry the sap will seal the tree off and not drink anymore. You would have to put another fresh cut on it to save it. We sell stands with very large buckets so the trees don’t run out water before you can refill it.
  • DO NOT put anything in the water. Most products and old wives tales tell you to put things in the water that are for plants that still have roots and will not help your tree at all. It would actually hurt your tree. After all, it doesn’t rain sugar and aspirin!
  • Do not put your tree next to any heating vents or fire places. This will dry the tree out.
  • If you put your tree next to a window, make sure the blinds are closed during the day. Direct sun light will give your tree a “sunburn” and it will turn brown on that side.
  • After Christmas find a recycling center to take your tree to. Most places will take them for FREE and turn them into mulch!